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Pixel Purrrfect Photography

I love making people’s dreams come true. Pixel Purrrfect Photography is my new project. I focus on transforming you into your wildest dreams. I have created it so it is also an event experience. Ask us to find out more. Bonus I take my digital artistry transformed into your fav product for you to enjoy. Purchase a pinup digital greeting for your favorite time of year or celebrate any occasion. Purchase a session and be the Pinup! I offer virtual, on-location, and in-studio portrait sessions. Visit Pixel Purrrfect Pinups.

The Jeweled Bunny

Who knew life could be a jeweled adventure. Handmade and selected pearl, and rhinestone statement pieces. It’s your opportunity to add a little sparkle int your lifestyle.

Be sure to hop over to both Etsy shops, and we also have an online store for those of you who prefer other options. We have some different items on each site to make it interesting. Our collections are inspired by women throughout history who lived, loved, and adventured. We will also be adding photography, fashion, beauty, wellness, and more glamour circus posts to entertain you. Visit The Jeweled Bunny

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